Humic Acid

Humic acid is a wonderful gift of nature. In 1761 Walerius named the soil deposits of composed organic matter Humin and several years later, the first published study on Humic Acid appeared in 1786. Serious interest from the scientific community started in the 1960’s and has continued until present day. Impressive clinical studies have been recently done showing efficacy in viral inhibition and anti-inflammation properties.

But what exactly are Humic Acids?

Humic Acid is not an acid at all. It is very alkaline in composition and derived from decomposed plant material that originated several hundred million years ago. Comprised of long chain molecules that are high in molecular weight and dark brown in color, they are a complex mixture of many different acids that are soluble in alkaline solutions and exist naturally as part of nature’s life cycles in soils, oceans and streams. Humic Acids are one of the smallest, most complex naturally occurring water-soluble substances on earth giving it the ability to transport nutrients efficiently into the cell and waste products out of the cell.

Just like diamonds that need pressure to form into diamonds, Humic Acid also needs pressure to form. The process involves a composition of water, micro organisms, time and plant material, all combining to change the soil chemistry and drive the formation of the deposits. It takes millions of years of the decomposition process of plant biomass to make Humic Acid. This highly valuable Humic Acid contains at least 70 types of minerals that can be absorbed biologically in usable forms.

Not all Humic Acid products are alike. The effectiveness on how well it will work in your body is primarily determined by the source of Humic Acid and the process to which it is refined. Health Protx is sourced from the deepest Humic Acid mines in the United States which provide the highest purity. Our Humic Acid undergoes a seven-week refinement process in an FDA approved laboratory before the patented polypeptides are combined and the final nutraceutical product is encapsulated and ready for consumption. Clinical studies contained on this website conclude that the patented polypeptides increase the efficacy of the Humic Acid.

But what are the health benefits? Research in this area has made great progress in the last 20 years which has led to the increasing use of Humic Acid-based products for health supplement use. Humic Acid is fortified with minerals essential to good health which supports everything from organ function, skeletal development, mental health to name just a few. It is widely known that mineral deficiency is a common cause of poor health on many levels.

Now the exciting part. What makes Health Protx different from other Humic Acid products is the addition of our patented polypeptides. Clinical studies contained on this website show that combining Humic Acid with tetradecapeptides demonstrate a significant improvement of clinical efficacy across multiple endpoints, including the duration of illness and the severity of clinical symptoms. In other words, the clinical test results have shown that patient outcome data is even better with polypeptides than with Humic Acid alone. Studies were performed on Covid, several Influenza viruses, Herpes virus’, and Ebstein-Bar virus.

We encourage you to review these attached studies and also go online and research the vast array of Humic Acid benefits. You will be better informed, fully confident, and excited to help strengthen your immune system with Health Protx.

We wish you good health always, and remember it’s not getting old and it makes us sick. It’s getting sick that makes us old.