Humic acid is used all over the world as a dietary supplement to aid in the body’s ability to maintain overall good health. Health Protx’s Humic Acid is extracted to the highest standards for supplemental use from vegetation/plant matter. To optimize the benefits of Humic Acid it goes through an extensive processing phase that makes it safe for human consumption and promotes healthy immune function. Contains No Soy. No Gluten. No Preservatives. No GMOs. No Dairy. Vegan & Vegetarian. Mined in the USA.
Health Protx Humic Acid has a unique binding process, allows the immune system to eliminate toxins from the body and help boosts the immune system.
Humic Acid has undergone extensive testing and passed safety testing with no detectable signs of toxicity. This rigorous testing ensures it is safe for human consumption.
Individuals with known medical conditions should consult their physician prior to taking them.
Our suggested dose is to take 1-2 capsules daily for optimal immune health or as directed by your physician.
Each person is unique and subjective depending on your level of immunity and other health conditions. For optimal results, it’s important to take daily so that the body can utilize Humic Acid in whatever capacity is needed to help boost all-day immune support.
Always consult with your veterinary first before administering any food supplement to your pet. People have reported back to us that they have seen positive results in their pets.