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White Hills, AZ

"“ I had a persistent cough for over two weeks and went to my doctor where he prescribed some antibiotics that had no effect on it whatsoever. Then my neighbor suggested I try Health Protx- he said it helped his flu symptoms but didn’t know if it would help my cough. I took it and within 24 hours my cough was gone. I don’t know what’s in there but it worked like magic. For two weeks I suffered with that cough. By the way I am 83 years old and I’ve never seen something work quite so quickly. “"
   Bala P
Brea, CA

"“Health Protx helped me recover within 72 hours of having Covid. I really believe it’s a great remedy for COVID-affected patients. I like it because Health Protx is not a sleeping aid or addictive product; it is a natural one. My Fever and Cough were reduced after taking Health Protx pills in 48 hours and within 72 hours - I got a full recovery from Fever and Runny Nose. I also recommend inhaling steam along with these pills. It also helped with my recovery. Thanks, Health Protx!”"
   Boyd B

"“How's it going David? I need to get more Protx. Lmk how to order and pay. BTW. I have my own testimonial. Went to a wedding in Hawaii. All 4 of us in my party took Protx the whole trip. 30 of the 50 person wedding party came back with covid. We never had a sniffle.”"
   Adrianne S
Los Angeles, CA

"“It's a miracle supplement! My mom (62) had covid with a fever and lots of congestion. She even lost her voice. She started taking the supplements on day 3 and on day 5 she was getting so much better. Her energy was back and her fever was long gone. It gives me peace of mind to have this set aside for my family. During the most recent wave, along with RSV and Flu, there are so many people getting sick. On top of wearing my mask, I'm taking one a day as a precaution, and I'm the only one who hasn't gotten sick this winter in my company. Everyone should keep this in their medicine cabinet. Thanks, Health Protx. “"
   Marlene L
meadview, NV

"I’m 73 years old and tested positive for Covid-19 on a Saturday. I had been sick for a couple of days before that. I started taking Health Protx on Sunday at the suggestion of a friend. Monday morning I had already started feeling better. I retested on Wednesday morning and my test was negative. I know Health Protx sped up my recovery. I feel great."
   Lehua O
Kingman, NV

"11/15/2022 - This product, "Health Protx" the advanced immune support packet has literally stopped this winter cold from happening. Amazingly so, after one day of taking its prescribed daily dosage, the next morning, I was not sick! Whatever is in it, it works! Thank you to all involved."
   Travis H
Los Angeles, CA

"I never write reviews but HealthProtx deserves it and everyone should know how great this product is. My wife and I both had Covid a few weeks ago. We started taking the pills immediately and with three days we both felt completely fine. I tested myself on the fourth day and tested negative for Covid. The HealthProtx supplement is amazing and we’ve told all our friends & family about it! Thank You ShieldProtx!"
   Stefanie W
Long Island, NY

"I tested positive for Covid. I had a terrible cough and body aches. I started taking the Health Protx pills and 2 days later my cough completely went away, and in another day I felt better overall. I’m now taking 2 pills a day to keep my immune system strong. Thank you again."
   Steven W
Santa Monica, CA

"I am a huge believer in the efficacy of Health ProTX. I was hit with the highly-contagious latest strain of COVID, and was in deep distress, with severe flu-like symptoms and a really bad sore throat. I started taking the ProTX pills on day one of my symptoms, and by day two I could feel I was on the mend. Day three and I was out of bed and back to my daily routine. It almost felt miraculous — to bounce back so quickly. I heartily recommend these pills; they did the job for me."
   Bob L
The Hamptons

"Took ProTx at the onset of Covid symptoms-including fever, headache and nasal congestion. After one dose, symptoms began to abate and disappeared by day 3. This was totally amazing."
   Vivienne P
New Jersey

"I took Health Protx when tested positive for COVID-19 and I'm sold! My symptoms were getting worse as I didn’t take the pills during the first few days but as soon as I took them, I was feeling 70% better from just the first dosage. Health Protx by Shield Protx is natural, healthy, and effective. The main ingredient of this product is understated; it needs to be endorsed and promoted more to save the lives of many others. Health Protx is the best supplement I have ever used and I highly recommend it to everyone. I am buying these pills for my entire family and loved ones."

"I just have to write to express my sincere thanks. Since I was about 19 (I’m now in my 50’s), I have suffered from reoccurring cold sores about every 3 to 4 months, usually when I’m exposed to the sun. When the outbreaks occur, I immediately experience complete dread knowing I’m going to endure pain and embarrassment for the next 7 to 10 days. So, about a week ago, I woke up feeling that awful foreboding tingling on my upper lip, and within 20 minutes the swelling started...ugh not again! I knew I was in store for a significant outbreak. However, a week earlier, a friend gave me Health Protx in case I caught Covid... he said it helped him recover quickly. He also mentioned it’s an immune support supplement so I figured I would try it for my cold sore. I started taking 3 pills at 8 am and another 3 at 4 pm and by dinner time, the swelling went down dramatically. I couldn’t believe it. I honestly couldn’t believe it!! Nothing has ever worked for me... ever. By the next day (still taking 3 every eight hours), the swelling was virtually gone and the next day I had no sign at all of any cold sore. This was honestly a savior, a true savior because of the pain and emotional torture I’ve endured for so long. Thank you so very much and I hope this testimonial helps other people who are looking for a remedy. You have to try this."
"These testimonials represent the experiences of certain people. Individual results will vary.
These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease."


Humic Acid

Humic acid is a wonderful gift of nature. In 1761 Walerius named the soil deposits of composed organic matter Humin and several years later, the first published study on Humic Acid appeared in 1786. Serious interest from the scientific community started in the 1960’s and has continued until present day. Impressive clinical studies have been recently done showing efficacy in viral inhibition and anti-inflammation properties.

Individual results will vary.
These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease."


Health Protx Natural Dietary Supplement - By ShieldProtx

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